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Newfoundland Ponies in Lunenburg, NS

Lisa Partridge was kind enough to allow me to visit P&P Pastures Homestead to photograph the Newfoundland Ponies in her care. I'd had no idea we had Newfoundland Ponies so close to Halifax, so I bummed a ride from a friend and we headed out on a rainy weekend afternoon. The rain, of course, was worth it! The ponies were incredibly friendly. My feature article on The Newfoundland Pony will appear in the July/August issue of Celtic Life. In the meantime, here are some photos.

Left: a yearling colt grazes in the background. A blue roan-coloured pony faces the camera.
NorthStar Kiaron (left) and Dwyer's Scrunchion.

A buckskin-coloured pony looks over a wooden stall door.
Little Buddy: a Newfoundland Pony stallion.

A bay yearling filly walking in a grassy field.
P&P Kitchen Party: a yearling filly.

A foal standing upright (left) while his mother grazes in a grassy field.
Little Lorimer and his mother, Canaan Fancy.

Lorimer, a recently-born Newfoundland Pony foal.

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